ODUNDE Festival, Our dedication to you and Store Hours for Sunday, 6/10/18.

Here at South Square Market, we pride our business on serving the needs of our guests. The market is open from 7am till 10pm to ensure that we take care of our neighborhood. These hours are including weekends and holidays but to provide the best service to our guests we will be closing for the celebration of the ODUNDE Festival that takes place on our block (23rd Street and South Street). Be sure to get all of your essential on Saturday, 6/9/18, enjoy the festival on Sunday, 6/10/18 and we look forward to serving you again on Monday, 6/11/18.

If you do find yourself in need of something on Sunday 6/10/18, we would be glad to serve you at our other location, Rittenhouse Market, 1733 Spruce Street from 6:30am - 10pm. www.rittenhousemarkets.com

For more information about the ODUNDE Festival and it's historical impact in our neighborhood check out their website: https://www.odundefestival.org/